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Paul and Tom

I can honestly say that all my cubs thoroughly enjoyed this evening! It was fantastic. Thank you both so much for coming down this evening when i know you are both so busy! I will definitely be recommending you and getting you back to falcons if thats ok!?


Thank you again

Sarah Bellwood. Group Leader, Haxby Falcons Cub Scout Troop October 4th 2017

Active Schools Leeds …

"VX is a fantastic sport which brings together boys and girls of all abilities. It engages and unites children and enables them to work as a team whilst they learn new skills.

We have been very fortunate to have the support of Paul and his team at Active Schools, Leeds events and it has been wonderful to see so many smiling faces as children have played VX with passion and enthusiasm. We can’t speak highly enough about the welcome addition that VX brings to our programme of activities.

If you want an activity which engages and enthuses children then VX is certainly worth considering.”

Jill Wilkinson, Active Schools Leeds, September 4th 2017

Hi Paul, Pete, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for today... you guys were fab & i had a couple of teachers grab me when i was walking around to say how great they thought the Sport and the delivery was!

Emma Nichol, School Games Organiser / SSP Manager 

Hi Paul

Sorry its taken me so long to email

The GCSE Rockitball (VX) exam was a major success. The students performed fantastically well on the day. We used a lot of the drills/ games from your coaching session which helped them really shine in front of the moderator from the exam board. He was really impressed with what he saw. All students achieved 7 and above out of 10, 4 of the 10 students achieved the top mark band 9/10 out of 10!

So would just again like to say a massive thank you for your help and support with this

We have just appointed a new male member of the PE team to start from September and he has some experience of delivering VX in a few schools. The students are gaining PE curriculum time here next year in all year groups so my plan is to get it on the curriculum for boys and girls from year 7-11.

I aim to finish at the end of June and return next June but will keep in touch

Thanks again, speak soon


Steph Kennedy, Head of PE, Kirkby College, Kirkby in Ashfield. Email May 3rd 2017 following help in preparation for the VX component of the GCSE PE Exam

We at West Yorkshire Sport are delighted to be working with VX to help grow the sport inWest Yorkshire. We fully support the sport's core values of honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and respect and appreciate the benefits the sport bring to people of all abilities - great inclusivity and total gender-neutrality. The team behind VX are dedicated, helpful and supportive. They are also very flexible and keen to accommodate new schools and we look forward to seeingWest Yorkshire be one of the leading regions

Dan Wilson, Development Manager, Yorkshire Sport Foundation (Formerly West Yorkshire Sport) Jan 23rd 2017


Good afternoon Paul,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for coming in on Fridayand introducing our school to VX.

All of the feedback I have received from the students and our staff has been entirely positive. The children particularly enjoyed how accessible it was, and they felt that they made huge amounts of progress in just a short space of time. Staff mentioned that alongside the physical skills the children were required to use, working as part of a team, and the code of honest were outstanding outcomes for them.

We really appreciated you coming in, and in the near future I think that we may potentially be looking to invest in some VX equipment so that our children can participate on a more regular basis.

Many thanks,

Ben Small, Colton Primary School, Leeds. Jan 23rd 2017


We play it at school - we have house matches and it's part of the enrichment programme. We also include it in our Year 11 World Games module. For a traditional hockey/rugby school like Ripon Grammar School to adopt a brand new sport like VX just showswhat a fantastic sport it is. Girls and boys play on equal footing - there is no gender bias at all and it is totally inclusive. I have never known anything have the impact that VX has. Even Netball -and that's saying something xx

Helen Mackenzie, PE teacher. Response to FaceBook post in Positive Ripon Yorkshire UK Nov 12th 2016


Mr Jxxxxx

Lots of red faces in the hall after tonight's VX for @robwilkprimaryY5&6. Pupils can't get enough of it @pmhildreth #VX #extracurricular

'Mr J' Primary School teach. Twitter Nov 2rd 2016

This was the best of the 3 World Cups I've seen.  The skills of some of these players now are unreal
John Beckett, spectator, comment on Global VX FaceBook Page, August 22nd 2016 

Hi Paul

Thank you so much for your time at our school this week. The children are still buzzing about it and I know some parents have been asking for more details as a result. I also hope to pop down to Northallerton to have a go in the near future

Thanks again though for inspiring our children


Janet Goswell, Carlton & Faceby Primary School. Email June 25th 2016


(Apart from rugby of course!) VX is quickly becoming my favourite sport to watch kids play! Wish I had it when I was at school! @pmhildreth

Ryan Forwood Primary PE Coordinator, Lowestoft. Twitter post June 25th 2016


Great to see you too. Loved the game in the squash court. VX should be compulsory on the PE curriculum.😀

Rachael Mackenzie YST Athlete Mentor, Thai-boxing World champion, British Boxing Champion 2016. Post on VX International FaceBook page June 16th 2016


@pmhildreth fantastic to see you as well...even more fantastic that I got to play my new favourite sport. VX on the curriculum is my vote.

Rachael Mackenzie YST Athlete Mentor, Thai-boxing World champion, British Boxing Champion 2016.. Twitter post June 16th 2016


Buzzing for my second VX club tomorrow morning before school! Kids loved the intro last week!! @pmhildreth

Ryan Forwood Primary PE Coordinator, Lowestoft. Twitter post June 16th 2016


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the VX team for introducing this wonderful game. Having worked with adults with learning disabilities for a couple of years, introducing them to a variety of sport and leisure activities, it has to be said, VX has proved the most accessible and fun yet! It’s simplicity is what makes it, my students picked up the concept quickly and immediately felt involved in teamwork and strategy. I have worked in a number of Primary Schools over the years (heading up the P.E. Department in a large Inner City Comp) and, looking back, this game would have been a real asset. The chance for all to have a go at scoring is a real advantage and watching their individual motivations kick in is simply wonderful - they all had a thoroughly good work out and yet didn’t want to put it away!!! REALLY great concept. Thank you!!!

Emma Kay, Course Tutor for Ripon Community Link's Active Lifestyles Course, March 18th 2016


‘I found the session fun and enjoyable, whilst learning a lot about VX. I discovered that VX enables all levels of participants to take part and adaptations can be made to keep it an inclusive sport. VX also helps to develop players’ fundamental skills for other sports’

Tom Derbyshire, FdA Sports Coaching Student


‘The VX coaching badge was a great opportunity for the FdA Sports Coaching Students to gain knowledge on a different sport; develop links with external coaches/teachers also on the course; achieve another coaching qualification. I would like to thank Paul and his team for providing this great opportunity and choosing Myerscough College as the venue’

Joanne Chadwick, Advanced Teaching Practitioner: Sport


When we were in the classroom, the cohort were split into groups for some theory work. I got them to come up with some comments to sum up the course and what they got from it. So please see below our groups’ verdicts on VX:


  • VX- Very Xciting


  • A thrilling and unique experience. Fantastic to learn a vibrant, fast pace sport like VX


  • Found it a really innovative sport that focuses greatly on honesty, integrity and respect whilst remaining highly competitive


  • A very exciting new learning experience. VX is a great inclusive sport for everyone!


  • The PGDipEd Physical Education cohort would like thank Paul and Tom for a fantastic day introducing us to VX. We now feel confident to competently teach and play VX. The day was enjoyable, it enabled us to open our minds to transferable skills. We look forward to distributing the skills we have learnt in this session within our future Physical Education lessons


Joanne Cliffe, Programme Leader PGDiPED Physical Education University of Birmingham, Feb 26th 2016


Great new innovative sport with many transferable skills which can be related to many sports. Looking forward to hopefully seeing it flourish in the future

Jamie Turner, Student PE Teacher, University of Birmingham, Feb 16th 2016


Really enjoyed today's session & learnt a lot about VX. Considering I had never heard of it before today I feel like I could play & ref/umpire effectively related to the rules of the game, which I wouldn't have been able to before

Hollie Cowell. Student PE Teacher, University of Birmingham, Feb 16th 2016


Back to India with lots of good memories from York, England. It was amazing experience for me. I have improved my playing skills under the presence of Mr Paul. Now I can train new comers for VX also. thanks Mr. Paul Hildreth, Meggie Hildreth and Tom Hildreth for making my sports trip enjoyable and memorable. love u all.

Pawan Sharma, Indian International Player, Facebook Feb 2nd 2016

Feedback from Super Saturday at the Children's University run by Leeds Trinity University

What did you think of the VX activity?
100% positive responses. Comments included:
• "The best sport in the world”
• "It was amazing. It was fun and great. I learned that you should be honest.”
• "It was epic”
• "I really enjoyed it – a new sport to me”
• "At first I thought it would be rubbish but I was definitely wrong. It was awesome”

Comments from adults included
• "Very good. Everyone involved all the time – accessible to all ages and abilities. Kids loved it.”
• "Great. Teaches about sportsmanship and integrity.”

What has been the best thing about today?
• Urban Art 20%
• VX 40%
• Dance 20%
• Everything 15%
• Eating 5%


Dave Snowdon ‏@pmhildrethThe thing with #VXis that once you've played, you just want to play again, and again! I think it has addictive qualities!
Dave Snowdon, Northallerton VX Player, Twitter Jan 4th 2016
I would like to wholeheartedly thank Paul and his colleagues for the VX taster session he led in Huntington School, York. I cannot remember seeing students enjoy a taster session as much as they did with Paul and his team. Every time I passed through the sports hall I saw students running around, working hard and HAVING FUN. We have already had an influx of students interested in taking up the sport, outside of school. I look forward to working more with this brilliant new sport and the dedicated individuals who are working so hard to develop it!
Shane Daniel Sports Co-ordinator, Huntington School, York. Dec 3rd 2015
The sessions were truly brilliant. We have a lot of taster sessions in school, and they are all generally well received. However, I don’t recall seeing one that was successful as yours.
Shane Daniel Sports Co-ordinator, Huntington School, York. Dec 3rd 2015
Huntington School PE ‏  @pmhildreth We love having you in & the kids have universally loved VX! #canyoucomeeveryweek
Huntington School PE Department tweet after 2 days of sessions Dec 2 2015
Have been involved in a few different sports over the years and something about this has just got to me. Nice, friendly, and for all ages. Hard work … would love to get more involved with this.
Nathan Kitchen, Northallerton VX Club, Nov 2015 FaceBook Personal Message November 14 2015
I've been looking for a sport to get involved in - and this is the one
Nathan Kitchen, Northallerton VX Club, Nov 14 2015
As PE staff myself - never have I known a sport wth such impact - one that attracts all kids no matter what their background or sporting ability - and once the novelty of hitting your opponent with a ball has worn off (if it ever does), then the tactics start to develop and real sportsmanship shines through. More to the point, the fair play ethic is something I have always prided myself on, something I promote in my lessons and hope I display in my own gameplay and my expectations of my students - the fact that VX has 'Honesty, Integrity and Respect' as its strapline makes it a stand alone sport in my eyes. The kids at my school love it. I have introduced it into the KS4 curriculum, KS5 and sixth form enrichment too as well as intra mural house matches which just happen to be the best attended and best spectated (is that a word?) matches in the whole of my inter house programme. We have involved other departments (namely art, English amd music) - Ofstted love anything with a cross curricular theme. We have designed strips, composed theme tunes, interviewed international players, written match reports etc. Seriously what more can I say - other than to state once again, as I do on the dvd, 'VX - it's got the lot' xx
Helen Mackenzie, PE Teacher, Post of VX International Facebook page, Nov 3 2015
It was brilliant, fun to play and such a brilliant idea for inclusive, physical sport. Every school should play
Rachael Mackenzie, World Thai-Boxing Champion, Sky Sports Athlete Mentor Oct 1st 2015
Sport England should be all over this. It does everything they want
Rob Vickerman, England Rugby Sevens Captain. Sky Sports Athlete Mentor May 31st 2015
I've always been sporty and always tried the usual sports, swimming, karate etc - but this is the only one that has me itching to play
Paige Nicholls, Sports Student, Worcester University, June 5th 2015
'So a day after a VX competition remains the most painful and achey thing I've experienced post event (done 7 marathons as a marker for this).
Scott MacMichael FaceBook status, Sunday August 18th 2013
Am so proud of you for what you rely did to us in that you changed our lives
Oryek Duncan, Uganda, via FaceBook PM Sept 26th 2012
The "I love VX comment strikes again, courtesy of David (said at least once a week). Whatever it is you're doing, thank you.
Louise, mother of David. Nov 10th 2014
Paul is a hero! Content ideal, lots of ideas to use. Pitched at right level. Inspiring!
Emma Nichol, Assistant PDM, Redborne SSP
"As physical educators, this sport is perfect for what we want to achieve"
Don DiGiacomo, Director of Physical Education, St Xavier High School, Cincinnati, USA
The feedback from Monday has been superb.
I went into one of our high schools after school yesterday and bumped into a teaching assistant who was on the course ... she has never delivered a full lesson on her own but had delivered 2 sessions yesterday and the first Year 10 club was arranged for lunchtime today!! Great impact or what?!!
Chris Story, PDM, St Nicholas Catholic High School, Hartford, Cheshire
That's the most fun I've had in school time
Karen, Teacher, St John's RC Primary School, Manchester
I've waited 22 years for a sport like this
Elaine Escritt, Head of Yr 7 and Primary Transition Manager, Harrow Way Community School, Andover
That was the best PE INSET we've had. It was brilliant.
Peter Faulkener, Director of Sport, Mountbatten School, Romsey, Hampshire
This could replace cricket
Mani Selvam, captain, India 2007 World cup team
Been over to the 6th Form this lunchtime and lots of posters up and young people talking about it.
Carol Pearce, Business Manager, Easingwold School
All the feedback from the course was excellent. We had lots of fun and a serious work out, so thanks. Teachers have all gone back to schools very enthused and are running their own cpd sessions for PE staff. Let's hope this is just the start for our area. We will keep you posted on any developments. We would also like to host a festival later in the year for secondary schools so will advise on how this progresses.
Emma Mattocks, Assistant PDM, SE Somerset School Sport Partnership
That's the best PE course we've been on
Two delegates, SE Somerset School Sport Partnership
If word-of-mouth is a good promotion tool everyone will know about itin no time ... I can't shut up about it & have told EVERYONE what a fab game it is! ... I had great fun on Wednesday and really love the game. I am starting a serious fitness programme so I can last more than 4 minutes
Alex Chambers. PE Teacher, Redcar
Did you really invent this? It's genius!
Grade 6 Pupil, Elkins Park School, Philadelphia, PA
I'm with OFSTED. I was in a school a couple of weeks ago and they were raving about this
OFSTED Delegate, Sports Colleges Conference Jan 2008
The boys came and did the first training session and the kids and the parents had a ball. I ended up having to throw them out at 7.30 ... I can't thank you enough - it really got the parents going
Winefride Hutchinson, Community Development Officer, RAF Linton-on-Ouse
"you've got something really special there"
Delegate at Sports Colleges Conference, Telford, Feb 2006
"We thought the game was fantastic, really exciting. We just had to include it in our new project seeking out alternative activities for students who don't want to engage in the usual sports."
Hannah Sharpe, Innovation Development Office, Youth Sport Trust
Thank you both for the session. It was Brilliant!!!!
Andrew Bedford. Learning Officer, School of Sport Exercise & Physical Education, Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education, Leeds Metropolitan University.
"I've never seen PE staff as excited about a sport. This is the most exciting thing I've seen today"
Ali Mapp, PDM and organiser Birmingham Physical Education and School Sports conference Nov 2006
"Excellent. Very worthwhile"
"Innovative hands-on presentation"
"Lots of fun"
"Presenters made it easy to understand"
"Useful for all age groups"
"Full involvement of all participants"
"Lots of Potential"
"Additional core option"
"Opportunity to offer greater flexibility in the curriculum"
"Great for motivating girls"
"Excellent for integration of disaffected children"
"Plenty of practical ideas for many activities"
Feedback from Aberdeen teachers
This is great. The kids we thought wouldn't do so well are doing really well and the real sporty ones aren't any further ahead
Moira, Head of PE, Royston High School
Look at that lass - she is really hard to please and she is loving it. And that lad there never gets involved and look at him. He's really enjoying it
PE Teacher, Royston High School

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