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VX in Education

"As Physical Educators, this sport is perfect for what we want to achieve"
Don DiGiacomo, Director of Physical Education, St Xavier's High School, Cincinnati, Ohio

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VX is played at all levels - it has already had a major impact in primary schools and secondary schools and is how making inroads into Further and Higher Education.
Examples of school use are:
  • to target specific student groups (eg disenfranchised children; Year 10 girls; less sporty children)
  • for lunchtime clubs
  • as part of the PE curriculum
  • for fundraising
  • for after-school clubs
  • for GCSE PE
  • using a Sport Ed curriculum model
  • for cross-curricular links
  • to increase participation
  • for inter-school tournament
  • for intra-mural tournaments


Teachers tell us that they like VX because:

  • It is totally-gender neutral - in all disciplines at all levels boys and girls play on an equal footing
  • It is a ‘no- blame game’
  • It gets non- sporty children involved in sport
  • It increases participation
  • It sits perfectly in the National Curriculum
  • It has been approved by EdExel for GCSE PE under ‘meeting local needs’
  • It is a game of honesty
  • Players get a great workout but the children don’t realise how hard they are working
  • Players can be playing at a fast pace within ten minutes
  • There is a structured development
  • It is popular amongst the students
  • There are many cross- over skills (speed, agility, reflexes, balance, hand- eye co- ordination, spatial awareness)
  • It is very inclusive
  • It ticks all their boxes
  • The four cornerstones of the sport are honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and respect
There are many educational benefits when using VX.  Players learn
  • teamwork
  • discipline
  • balance
  • speed
  • reflexes
  • agility
  • honesty in sport
  • hand-eye co-ordination
  • spatial awareness
  • sportsmanship
In Higher Education, there are three main ways in which VX is being used
(a) by the students for the students - eg students set up a VX Club in the university. The university will need to understand that a new club in a new sport will need time and nurturing
(b) by the university for the students - eg Northumbria University use VX as part of a two-day team building programme for Sport & Exercise Science students; others use it for intra-mural competition
(c) as part of the academic programme - eg as part of a constructivist approach; as part of the PGCE provision

"It was brilliant, fun to play and such a brilliant idea for inclusive, physical sport. Every sport should play!"
Rachael Mackenzie, World Thai-Boxing Champion, Sky Sports Athlete Mentor Oct 1st 2015

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