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Hannah Smith

Hannah is one of our two Tier  2 sponsorships.  She plays for Easi- RockIts HellCats and trains for V2 with the Stillington VX Club.  Said by some to be the hottest young prospect in the sport she had an immediate impact when she joined the club.

She started playing in Dec 2013, aged 12 and the coach thought she had played before.  Her second session was in the squash court and she immediately showed a tactical awareness well in advance of her years. By April she was on the England programme, had beaten all her peers in her club and in a neighbouring club.  She played an adult from her club and beat her, then she played an England international and beat her.  

For the 2013 V2 World Cup she acted as a sparring partner for some of the international players, drawing twice with the African Nations’ champion, losing by a mere 8 points to the reigning World Champion, almost beating the Navy champion who was glad to clinch a draw on the whistle and beating the Danish No. 1!  She had been playing eight months and was still only twelve!

Since then she has won her District Junior V2 league and become 2014 Junior National V2 champion.  In 2015 she was a late entrant to the 2015 V2 Youth World Cup, making history by becoming the youngest player to compete at this level.  She won all her group games to get to the final but had to withdraw on the day of the finals due to the recurrence of a back injury. 

Now she has won her District Youth V2 league with 100% record and is looking to the National Finals.

The future is bright for this young lady!

 Hannah Smith














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