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Charlie Ford

Charlie is one of our two Tier  2 sponsorships.  He has been involved in the sport for many years.  He was the first Junior member of Easi- RockIts and moved up through to ranks to become part of the all- conquering HellCats team which won everything going, losing only one match in the process and becoming Minster FMís team of the year in 2013.  He now plays for York Phoenix.

He has been one of the most committed members of the National Programme for several years and has a youth representation under his belt.

Charlie is an unassuming player but his modesty hides a wealth of awards and winnersí  and runners- up medals, not least of which was his runner-up medal in the 2014 V2 Youth World Cup at his first attempt.  He has developed into an excellent player and we are very proud to have him as one of our sponsored players
 Charlie Ford

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