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Global VX -  the international administrative body

VX England -  the NGB for England

VX Scotland -  the NGB for Scotland

VX Uganda -  the NGB for Uganda

VX USA -  the NGB for America

VX UAE -  the NGB for the United Arab Emirates


VX Basque Country - the NGB for the Basque Country

VX India - the NGB for India



Scunthorpe VX Club

Kirkbymoorside Bullz

Easi- RockIts

Stillington VX Club

Ripon VX Club

Stillington VX Club  

FaceBook Pages -  for up to the minute news and photos ...

EasiRock- Its

Ripon VX Club

Stillington VX

Scunthorpe VX Club

Kirby Bullz

Northallerton VX Club

Worcester & West Midlands VX Club


Global VX


VX Uganda

VX India

VX Basque Country


VX Scotland


England VX Squad


VX on FiBoDo

VX England - find details of coaching courses and book direct!

VX Scotland - information about VX Scotland 

Party Links - VX is used in children's parties and stag and hen parties

ACE Coaching Parties - one of our key partners in this field 



VX on wikipedia


General Relevant Sports Links

Fittei.com - social media for the sport, fitness and exercise field.  This is the perfect way to centralise all your sport, fitness and exercise activities without using several different sites and apps.  There is a growing VX community on here



Sporting Health Resources

 AddictionResource.com - this organisation raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps the athletic community stay drug-free

HealthFinder.gov - this organisation also promotes better health in the sports community through education and awareness

DrugRehab.com - a web resource that provides information and support to people fighting addiction and substance abuse. Highly motivated athletes may be at risk for eating disorders. Athletes who compete in sports that emphasize appearance or require speed, lightness, agility and quickness are at higher risk for developing an eating disorder than are non-athletes or athletes in sports that require muscle mass and bulk.

www.quitalcohol.com - a web resource that focuses on the danger of alcohol addiction

here is a useful page about alcohol abuse and the different medical conditions it can cause- https://www.dwiminneapolislawyer.com/alcohol-related-medical-conditions/

RXDangers.com -  The majority of medications are safe for consumption, but the people behind this site believe in educating the public about thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications, many of which have the potential to cause serious side effects. The easy to navigate online database is constantly being updated with drug recall news, and provides comprehensive, unbiased information about serious side effects, complications, and interactions of commonly prescribed drugs.

Tobacco Free Life -  Here you will find many comprehensive guides and tools which have been put together with the help of tobacco control professionals and smoking cessation experts.

A useful article about the impact of tobacco use on people’s sports performance - https://vapingdaily.com/support/smoking-and-sports-performance

 Smoking and college students - interesting article about smoking among college students


'Drugs, Medication and Other Substances' is a page on addictiongroup.org.  Addiction Group is dedicated to help individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases through credible information and spreading awareness to as many as possible. Every fact-based piece of content is written by journalists or medical professionals.




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