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VX International Players in Prestigious New Tournament (24/02/2016 @ 11:48:00)



The 365 Invitational has been launched in honour of former international cricketer Kieren 'Beeefy' Blake who is undertaking a year long global odyssey to try or see 365 different sports in 365 days. One of the sports he is keen to try is VX and therefore VX England have inaugurated an invitational competition, the 365 Invitational Challenge Cup, to recognise his achievement. The tournament will be contested for the first time on March 16th 2016 when Beefy comes to Harrogate to see VX.

Eight of the top players have been invited to compete in the new tournament and in a major coup for VX International, all three of their sponsored players, Tom Hildreth, Hannah Smith and Charlie Ford, have been invited to participate. They will be joined in the tournament by Matty Horsfield, World Champion Scott Snowdon, runner-up Carl Alsop, the number 3 Liam Leckenby and Dan Shuker, a field guaranteed to provide an event full of exciting, dramatic VX.

VX International's Helen Mackenzie said: "We are delighted that Beefy is coming to see VX and very proud that our three players are included in such an impressive group, especially considering that Hannah and Charlie are the only two teenagers, with Hannah being only 14 - and the only girl! The matches are going to be very exciting indeed! In fact, we are so proud that VX International have decided to sponsor the tournament."

The tournament itself will consist of a group stage then a final stage. VX England are keen to continue the competition on an invitational basis but in future years the format of the event itself may change as it grows and develops.

Beefy's sporting journey has attracted attention from press, TV and radio. More information about the odyssey can be found on


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