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England win first VX Test Match Series (07/07/2016 @ 14:09:00)

The England VX squad has just returned from India where it played the first VX Test Matches.  These were held in Chandigarth and Mohali.
The first Test score was 198:123
The second Test score was 295:175
The third Test score was 265:139
giving England a 3-0 series win.
Part of the tournament was also based round V2 with the English players, competing against their opposite numbers in the singles version of the sport.  The score after the V2 tournament was 112-24 in favour of England. 
History was made in more than one way - in the first place, this was the first ever Test Match series.  Secondly, Indian players beat England players for the first time in formal competition as Gursewak Singh and Pawan Kumar both notched up wins in the V2.
Congratulations to England's Scott Snowdon for winning the V2 overall and to Gursewak Singh for winning the 'Player of the Tournament' Award.
This was a very successful event and we offer our congratulations to all concerned.

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