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Matty Horsfield Person of the Year 2016 (08/05/2017 @ 12:27:00)

Statement from Global VX:


It gives us great pleasure to announce that Matty Horsfield has been named as Global VX's Person of the Year 2016.

The 'Person of the Year' Award is one of the top honours in the VX World. It is an annual award and is intended to honour the person felt to have made the most effort and had the most impact in promoting and developing the sport throughout the year.

This is the first time that the honour has gone to a club coach. Northallerton Club was on the verge of folding and Matty single-handedly kept it going, getting other people on board, growing the club, keeping it going when they lost their venue, until the could find a new home. Matty is one of our youngest club coaches and despite having a young family has maintained an incredible and consistent effort, increasing the number of sessions and the demographics of the club. As well as his impressive efforts with his club he also gets involved at a wider level at every opportunity. His effort and attitude are simply exemplary.

We are delighted to award Matty the honour of 'Person of the Year 2016' and look forward to Northallerton VX Club's continuing success.

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